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Education Hour: 10:30 - 11:30 am.  You and your family are invited to grow in your faith and in your knowledge of God’s Word!  Please join us in the First Lutheran Faith Journey!
SUNDAY SCHOOL: (3-year-olds through 6th Grade) 
Sunday School begins in the Sunday School Classroom, Room #216/217, at 10:30 AM.  Bible Lessons are taught via animated videos, Bible readings, crafts, other activities and storytelling.   Depending on attendance, a class for 3-year-olds through Kindergarten students will meet in Room 212/213 and a second class for students in Grades 1 – 6 will meet in Room 216/217.  Music and singing will also be provided during the class time. Teachers are Rene’ Baker, Rob Baker, Noah Berg, Kim McCaw, Isabella Curcio, Lyla Curcio, Jackie Fairbanks, Lucy Kay Osborne and Roger Steinke.  ​
A Combined 7th - 8th Grade Confirmation Class meets in Room 110.  Confirmation will be celebrated on Reformation Sunday, October 31 for four 9th Grade Students, who are: Isabella Curcio, Jackie Fairbanks, Thomas Holmes and Beorn Skjonsby.  Please contact Roger with any questions regarding the Confirmation Program.
THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS: (Grades 9 – 12) 
Through Bible Study and sharing, youth grow in their faith, learn to connect with each other in meaningful ways and explore ways to serve God and others. High School students are invited to join us in the Sanctuary at 9:45 AM for the Sunday School Opening.  After the opening, our High School students will either stay with the Sunday School students (helping with activities and crafts) or will go to the Youth Room for a separate High School Class.

Looking Ahead!  
Elementary Retreat at Camp Lutherwood - March 8-9 - Grades 2-6. Sign up on Youth Board!
New Orleans Youth Gathering & Disneyworld - July 14 -July 24 Grades 9 - 12.
Vacation Bible School - July 29 - August 1