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Education Hour: 9 am - 9:45 am.  You and your family are invited to grow in your faith and in your knowledge of God’s Word!  Please join us in the First Lutheran Faith Journey!
SUNDAY SCHOOL: (3-year-olds through 6th Grade) 
Classes are offered for 3-year-olds through 6th Grade.  Sunday School begins with music and singing each Sunday morning in the Sanctuary from 9:45 – 10 AM.   ALL Sunday School Students, Preschool through 6th Grade, meet in the Sanctuary for the Opening.  The Opening includes special music (songs from Day Camp, VBS and the Hymnal), an introduction to the Theme of the Day, special guests and unexpected surprises!  At 10 AM, students move to the Youth Room for a short video and then to Sunday School Classrooms for a Bible Lesson and group activities.  
A Combined 7th - 8th Grade Confirmation Class meets in Room 110.  Confirmation will be celebrated on Reformation Sunday, October 31 for four 9th Grade Students, who are: Isabella Curcio, Jackie Fairbanks, Thomas Holmes and Beorn Skjonsby.  Please contact Roger with any questions regarding the Confirmation Program.
THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS: (Grades 9 – 12) 
Through Bible Study and sharing, youth grow in their faith, learn to connect with each other in meaningful ways and explore ways to serve God and others. High School students are invited to join us in the Sanctuary at 9:45 AM for the Sunday School Opening.  After the opening, our High School students will either stay with the Sunday School students (helping with activities and crafts) or will go to the Youth Room for a separate High School Class. 
The Adult Education Class meets in the Fellowship Hall and is led by Pastor Tor Berg.   Please join us!

November 4 - 5, 7 pm - 9 am
Youth Over Night Retreat!

Youth in Grades 7 – 12 are invited to join in an “Over Night” Retreat at First Lutheran Church Bothell (FLCB).   Our retreat will include Games, Movies, Pizza, Snacks, and a Two-Hour Session of “WhirlyBall” in Edmonds on Friday evening.   This is going to be an AWESOME EVENT!
WhirlyBall is a team sport and a fun group activity!  It’s best described as a “Combination of Basketball, Hockey and Jai-Alai played while riding an electrically powered machine, similar to a Bumper Car, called a WhirlyBug on a basketball court.”   Just about anyone can play! 
We start at 7 PM on Friday Night and end at 9 AM on Saturday Morning. Cost is only $20 per person.  Friends are welcome.  To help with planning, please Sign Up on the Youth Board.  Join Us!

“Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunches!” Will be available on Sunday, November 20th

Youth in Grades 7 - 12 will help prepare, package and distribute Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunches to members of the congregation and community on Sunday, November 20th.   Members of the Church can leave with their boxed lunch (es) following each Worship Service.  Lunches will be prepared on Saturday (11/19) and will include a Turkey sandwich, a bag of chips, a prepackaged apple sauce container, cranberry sauce and a slice of pumpkin pie.   Please preorder lunches. 
Orders for the Turkey Sandwich Boxed Lunches will begin on Sunday, November 6th.  Boxed Lunches will be available for pick up on Sunday, November 20th, from 9:30 AM until 12:30 PM.  Meals are also available for delivery after 12:30 PM.  Questions?  Contact Roger.
Lunch Assembly takes place on Saturday, November 19, from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Please sign-up on the Youth Board to help assemble and prepare the Turkey Sandwiches and Boxed Lunches.