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The FLC Library Committee

The First Lutheran Book Club continues to meet on Zoom for thoughtful discussions of our monthly book selections. Please join us!

Book Club!
Discussion Book: Pew
by Catherine Lacey
June 28, 7:00 pm on Zoom
Discussion Leader: Clint Bastin

In a small unnamed town in the American South, a church congregation arrives to a service and finds a figure asleep on a pew. The person is genderless, racially ambiguous, and refuses to speak. One family takes the strange visitor in and nicknames them Pew.
Catherine Lacey’s third novel, is a foreboding, provocative, and amorphous fable about the world today: its contradictions, its flimsy morality, and the limits of judging others based on their appearance. With precision and restraint, one of our most beloved and boundary-pushing writers holds up a mirror to her characters’ true selves, revealing something about forgiveness, perception, and the faulty tools society uses to categorize human complexity.

Next Month:   
July 26 Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown. Leader - TBA
Questions to Clint Bastin (Book Club Coordinator) or Roger Steinke. Copies of the book are available on table outside the library. Zoom link will be sent the Monday before each book club meeting.

Our FLC Library has magazines to check out! Christian Century, The Lutheran, and Gather (Women’s Monthly Bible Study). The May 2022 The Lutheran magazine and other most recent copies are on the table in the library. 

Of special interest for May 2022 are two articles in The Lutheran.  Page 10 is “ A Prayer for Guidance” by Nancy L. Winder about Holden Village, the Lutheran retreat center in the Cascade Mountains, which celebrates 60 years this summer 2022.  One of the many treasures that guests take when they return from Holden to their homes, schools and faith communities for all of Holden’s 60 year history, is the Holden Prayer. Nancy Winder, the first Holden Pastor, and Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Seattle for 25 years, shares the history of the Holden Prayer in this May 2022 issue. 

Also in the May Lutheran, you can read about the Lutheran Ministry in the World’s Northernmost Settlement( pg. 26) This congregation is in Longyearbyen, Norway at the Svalbard Church. Our own Knut Aagaard has worshiped there. 

Check it Out!