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*Even if you have hired a wedding planner and/or are not using our pastor, this is a mandatory service and fee.

**First Lutheran's organist must be given the of first refusal for all organ services at First Lutheran. Please speak to the Pastor for special considerations.

Please make checks payable to the individuals providing a service. The church bookkeeper will provide you with a current list of names and amounts.

*** Camera Technicians are necessary if a wedding is to be live streamed.

****All users of the facility are asked to leave rooms as they found them. Janitorial fees are to cover additional cleaning due to extra usage.
















*Wedding Service Coordinator


Sound System Technician

***Camera Technician

****Janitorial Fee

Total Wedding Service


Fellowship Hall

****Janitorial Fee


Wedding Fees List

Restrictions: First Lutheran Church only allows weddings for members and close family members.

Date: As early as possible, with a minimum of four months prior to wedding date, check with the church office to determine the availability of the sanctuary, the pastor, and if desired, the fellowship hall.

Pastor: The Pastor will meet with both the bride and groom as early as possible, no more than two months prior to your wedding date. A minimum of four sessions will be held. We talk about marriage, relationships, family of origin issues, and of course, preparation for the ceremony.

Wedding Coordinator: Our Wedding Coordinator is the liaison between First Lutheran Church and the bridal party (There is an extra charge for the wedding service coordinator). This person has in-depth knowledge of Lutheran wedding worship services, including the order of worship, acceptable music, liturgy, altar and sanctuary decor, as well as ways of customizing the worship service to fit you. The Wedding Coordinator is glad to meet with your wedding planner.

General Information: First Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran congregation in the state of Washington, located in the heart of downtown Bothell. The current building was built in 1962 and has undergone updating over the years.

The sanctuary is traditionally inspired. 18 pews on each side of a center aisle (36 pews total, accommodating approximately 335 worshipers), with side aisles on either side of the pew sections

Traditional pipe organ in the back, above the pews, in the choir loft.

Baby grand piano at the front of the sanctuary, and an upright piano in the choir loft. 

Small inner narthex directly off the sanctuary, and a large outer narthex leading from the front doors for greeting guests.

Large Fellowship Hall in the lower level, for receptions, presentations, and the educational hour.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be served or consumed any place in the Church.

Planning Your Wedding

We are honored to be a part of your wedding day. Having your wedding ceremony in your family's worshiping community will enrich your memories as you begin your life together. Exchanging your vows before God with your families and friends is a solemn occasion filled with joy. Please review the following information and then make an appointment to meet with me as soon as possible so that we can begin planning your special day. Please call our office for additional information.

Pastor Tor Kristian Berg

Your Wedding