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The FLC Library Committee

Thank you library patrons!  You are enjoying our library resources, and remembering to return the books. We appreciate your use and care of our library.  Keep checking out !  
Two new books in our library:
Recently available:  Bothell History in pictures : Images of Bothell  (Arcadia publishing),by Margaret Turcott.  Margaret and her husband Jim regularly worship at the 8:30 A.M service.  With numerous historical photos, stories of our early settlements and the new community of Bothell, new appreciation is given to  this  special community on the Sammamish River.  You will gain new  new insight into the roll our church played in  Bothell’s  early development.  
Waterbugs and Dragonflies,  by Doris Stickeny.  A  graceful fable explaining death to children in a nice and delicate way. 

Show Us Your Summer 2017 photo contest last call!

Here is how you can participate: 
Photos should be submitted by October 8, 2017 
Bring your (cardboard) mounted 8x10 photo with your name, photo title, date and location included, to our church library and place it in the blue basket on the file cabinet right next to the door.  
All photos will be displayed in our gallery show and judged by a professional photographer. Award photos will be framed and in our library for 2018—a year on display.    
Check it out.