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The FLC Library Committee
September 2019 
“Show Us Your 2019 Favorite Photo”
Your First Lutheran Church library committee is again sponsoring this popular photo event in 2019. A major change--we are experimenting with a new schedule.   
The 2019 photo event will include  all twelve months of 2019—January through December.  We want to give you the opportunity to share your photo adventures this year—including fall and/or winter travels.     
The date for the photo submission will be in early January with judging  of the wining photos and our popular  “Gallery Display” on our 134th FLC anniversary--March 15h.[actual date of our anniversary is March 14th).   
The winning photos will be framed, and displayed in the library in 2020.     
Keep taking pictures to submit  (each person limited to one) .  October newsletter will include the January 2020 submission date.

Here are the September books featured on the table outside the library.

Tony Morrison who recently died is author of the The Origin of Others
Embracing the World: Praying for Justice and Peace
Moral Politics
Half the Sky
Just Mercy
The Time is Now
The Origin of Others​

Check it Out!