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The FLC Library Committee
October 2018
​Thank you for the interesting and original photo entries for Show Us Your Summer
Gallery Showing in the library is:  Sunday October 14, 2018  9:40  A.M. 
All photo entries will be on display with the judged photos awarded ribbons.   Winning photos will be framed and displayed in the library in 2019

 Our Library book theme for October is: Understanding other Faith Traditions
Theme books are displayed on the table outside the library including notes on the individual books.  Here are the October books:
Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World- Brian McLaren (new to our library)
Families of Faith
One Hope
Honoring our Neighbor’s Faith
Varieties of African American Religious Experience
I Am a Palestinian Christian

Check it out!