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The Building & Property Committee handles all matters related to FLC's physical building and grounds. We welcome you to become a part of our team. Contact any of our members for more information:

David Osborne (Chairperson)

Paul Desilet (Council Liaison)

Lloyd Condra

Audrey Fisher

Roger Steinke (Staff)

FLC – Living Green
A few months ago, FLC member Professor Lisa Graumlich, Dean of the UW College of the Environment, educated us during the Sunday Night Journey Class about global warming.  She listed one way to reduce the carbon footprint was to change to LED light bulbs.

Because PSE offered rebates, it was cost effective to replace the light bulbs that FLC uses regularly.  In addition, Willdan, a PSE affiliate, determined they would replace even the little used bulbs at no cost to us.  Approximately 340 LED bulbs have been installed at FLC with a return on our investment expected in less than two years.  Our lighting carbon footprint will be reduced by over 30%.

There are other benefits besides using less energy:  mercury free, works well with occupancy sensors, lasts 66% longer than fluorescent, and shatterproof.

Some FLC members have changed their home’s most used lights to LED lighting to assist in the effort to reduce global warming.  Some retailers are offering instant rebates.

Bell Tower Update
Thank you for your gifts to the Bell Fund!
Good news! The Bell Tower Fund has reached it's fundraising goal of $53,000. Construction is ongoing.

​The Bell Fund Committee
Dave Osborne - Chair
Ginny Conricode, Audrey Fisher, Marilyn Iverson, Ann Bormann, Pastor Berg,

Mark Neitzel, Knut Aagaard and Lloyd Condra.

Building & Property Committee